Hid-In-Pines Vineyard

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2010 Commercial Winery Pictures

2010 saw the transition from Home Winery to operating as
 Hid-In-Pines Vineyard and getting licensed as a Commercial Winery.
2011 will see the new Tasting Room open in the spring - see you soon.
Our workbench went from this

To the bottling bench

The winery went from a cluttered storage area.......
To getting a new floor with drains

And some fresh paint with new lights

Start bringing in a bit of equipment
Add some grapes

Give them a good crushing

Fermenting in Brutes

Begin to fill up the primaries

Transfer to some carboys
A few Wines in Secondary
The winery is filling up
    Still full
Overflowing into the bottling room
Better start using Stainless Tanks
Testing tank filling setup