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 Hid-In-Pines Vineyard - 2017 CSA Memebership

While not traditionally thought of as a farm, a vineyard is very much a farm and is susceptible to the ups and downs of the weather and the economy.

A CSA – Community Supported Agriculture- is a way for consumers to share in the bounty of a farm, or in this case a vineyard, as well as take some of the burden of risk off the vineyard. Members pay an upfront amount to the vineyard in exchange for a set amount of wine throughout the year. This helps the vineyard operator plan for the season and provides a bit of working capital throughout the year. This unique setup benefits both the grower and consumer and helps maintain sustainability of the vineyard.

Here at Hid-In-Pines Vineyard I am a big proponent of using all the earth friendly practices I can to grow a good healthy crop of wine grapes destined for a very good wine. You can be assured the grapes are relatively disease free while using the safest products in carefully timed applications. Integrated Pest Management is a key component to this and no action is taken until a pest (be it weed, insect or disease) surpasses a preset action threshold. I also do my own on farm research into ways of increasing crop while lowering chemical inputs. My latest study is using Training Systems and Canopy Management to increase crop and lower environmental impacts. This grant is funded through NE SARE (Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education). I believe in ‘growing the wines’ – so we craft our wines from our own Cold Climate Grapes grown right here in the vineyard. In that respect I am a ‘Vinaroon’ or someone who both grows the grapes and makes the wines using sustainable methods. So join up today and meet me, Richard, the Vinaroon.

New - Farmer's Market CSA Membership (100 offered - $200)

Summer Market June - September (17 weeks)

*    One (1) Bottle of hand crafted wine each week at the farmer's market of your choice  (see markets available at end of application). Need more wine each week? Additional bottles available at reduced price (depending on quantity) .

*    Availability of short supply wines as permitted. Be the first to try rare wines.

*    Free Wine Tastings for you and two friends each year at the winery– sample 4 wines each.

·         Self-guided Vineyard tours  – see the vineyard progress through the summer and fall.

·         10% Discount on additional wines purchased at the winery or $135 per case.

*   Online Blog to follow progress through the year.

     Wine is about $11.75 per Bottle

Signup 2017


Street Address:______________________________________________________________

City, town:_________________________________________________________________


Phone Number:______________________________________________________________


Farmer's Market Membership (cost $200):____ Red:____  White:____  Mixed:_____

Payment of $240 due at signup.

Markets:                           ___________

                                Lake Placid (Grange)  Wed  9:00AM-1PM       ___________

                                Tupper Lake (AFMC) Thurs 10AM-2PM           ___________

                                Elizabethtown (AFMC) Friday 9AM-1PM          ___________

                                Plattsburgh Farmer's & Crafters Sat 9 AM-2PM ___________

                                Saranac Lake (Grange) Saturday 9AM-2PM     ___________

                                Keene Valley (AFMC) Sunday     9:30AM-2PM  ___________

                                Saranac Green Market Sunday    10 AM-1PM   ___________


Times subject to change

More CSA choices will soon follow.

Send to :        Hid-In-Pines Vineyard
                     456 Soper Street
                     Morrisonville, NY 12962